New Client Information

Our only true security lies in our ability to change.  

                                                         ~ J. Lilly


Welcome! I look forward to meeting you and working together. 


Prior to our first session, please download and print an intake packet below to complete. Note that packets for adults and packets for children/teens are different; please make sure you are printing the appropriate one. 


Each packet contains an introductory letter/treatment consent, an intake information form, a symptoms checklist and a notice about privacy practices (HIPAA). Each of these needs to be filled out and/or signed. 


If you have any questions or concerns about any of the forms, feel free to contact me prior to your first session; otherwise, you can simply bring the completed forms with you to our first meeting. If you do not have easy access to the internet and a printer, just let me know and I can mail the forms to you, or have them ready at the office prior to our first meeting. 



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